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  • With Imported Peppers (SE composition)

    This is my first post in the Composition forum. I thought I'd share a short piece I did for a game for the Windows 7 phone called "Mafia Pizza Car." Vaguely inspired by Mendelssohn's 4th and the Godfather theme, the intended genre is something like "Neo-Romantic Camp," which is the only style you should ever listen to when delivering pizzas and blowing up houses with an indestructible car while being chased by helicopters. The piece is meant to repeat indefinitely until you die (in real life).

    Everything was done with the Special Editions (Plus), with the exception of one clarinet glissando patch that I couldn't do without. I used Sibelius, VI Pro 2, and Vienna Ensemble (amateur).

    Full disclosure: as will be obvious from the outset, I'm not a real composer. I'm just a hobbyist with a love for music, but without any real skills in composition. I'm nervous and intimidated to post here, but I would greatly appreciate any feedback or advice for improvements.

    Thank you for listening!



    edit: Here an attempt at running the piece through the MIR Pro demo, which I barely understand how to use, and which my clunky computer will forever resent me for putting it through.

  • Hi Brian,

          I had a listen to your music on the soundcloud and I think you're doing great. You seem to have got to grips with the VSL environment very well. I'll leave any critical commentary to others more qualified (and there are lots around here so I'm finding).

    I liked it and thought you've done a great job here. I never thought of the VSL sounds on mobile phone games but I know a few of my much younger (and obviously cooler) friends in the UK seem to be doing this sort of thing for a living. I think they're extremely lucky to be doing something with music as a living but having never been in that position myself I'm probably not best placed to comment either!.

    Anyway, have fun, don't be intimidated by anyone around here, if people don't like what you put up, it generally just gets ignored (so far anyway for me). Sometimes the silence is deafening but thankfully we now all have MIR Pro 24 to help with that so we can add room tone to the silence.

    Best of luck with the game, and of course your future career ?



  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks a lot for listening to the music. I really appreciate the words of encouragement.

    It'll never be a career for me, but it's fun enough to work for low (zero) budget independent game designers who need to do soundtracks on the cheap.

    I like the idea of running the sound of crickets through MIR Pro. I imagine the Grosser Saal Stage could make even the coldest of receptions, or the most scathing criticisms, delightful to listen to. And when you've heard enough, it's easy to move from the conductor position to the 15th row or the gallery (or parking lot).


  • Well .. you may not want to consider yourself a composer .. but man, look at what you did!. This is pretty damn nice music. Your a composer if you have something to say with music .. not because someone pays you :P

    If you get paid that just means you got REALLY lucky :D

    Nicely done with this, lovely melody and great use of ryhthm. Only thing one can nitpick is that some of the repetitons are a little 'machine gun' midi .. but that's most likely due to your libraries limitations and not something you've done. Compositionally it seems finished to me! 

  • Well, the only thing I can say is that if don't consider yourself a real composer, at least keep on enjoying your hobby till you do (^_^). 

    I liked the imported peppers. Congratulations, and welcome to the forum!

  • Hetoreyn and Servando,

    Thank you very much for the kind comments. It means a lot to me, especially coming from you. Hetoreyn, I haven't had a chance to listen to your new album, but I loved the Tales of the Thorns album.

    I appreciate the suggestion regarding "machine gun" repetition notes. I spent a lot of time tweaking the note start positions and lengths (which can be very tedious in Sibelius) for slower passages, but I didn't have time to mess with the faster sections with lots of repetitions, which were probably most in need of tweaking. I'll try to figure out how to improve this for the next one.

    I ended up trying to run the piece through the MIR Pro demo, which my computer (with a measly 6 GB of RAM) is painfully ill-equipped to handle. I wasn't able to actually mix anything due to frequent crashes and long wait times, and I don't really know anything about how to use MIR anyway, so I just ran it through the Mozartsaal hall with the default settings. Here's the result:

    Again, thanks again for listening and for the warm welcome.



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