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  • The Chess Game

    Being an avid chess player, I had the idea of making a musical interpretation of what could go on between the minds of 2 opposing players, and using my own experience as an amateur player too. I'd emphasize it's more a "programme" work with various types of drama and not light background music for a documentary of Russian Chess players ;)

    [url=]The Chess Game[/url]

    [i]Production: MIR, Teldex room/Vienna MIRacle, recording Stage Enhane (-10dB wet)

    Overall DRY/WET OFFSET -20, +(a few plugins)[/i]

    Comments are appreciated!


  •   Fantastic... in every sense (^_^). Love those string gestures...

      A pleasure.

  • Yeah, very well done, as always...

  • Thanks guys!

  • Hi Guy,

        I finally had the opportunity to listen to this today and wanted to say that in terms of programming I am in awe of what you have created here (once again!). I thought the mix and pretty much everything within the music was superb.



    PS: I also had the pleasure to listen to some of your CD's/tracks recently from CD Baby and I would like to congratulate you on your brilliant musical works. I was a little overwhelmed as you had so many CD's up there but in the end I started with the "Guy Bacos: Romantic Adagio, Piano and Orchestral Compositions, Orchestral Visions Vol. 4" which I have enjoyed enormously. I must admit that I still find it strange to buy the electronic versions of music rather than the physical CD but I am getting the hang of it! Anyway, congratulations again on this and your many other beautiful works.

  • Wow!!!

    I don't know why I missed Guy's original message - I just listened to "The Chess Game" for the first time and it's MARVELLOUS in every respect!

    Congratulations, Guy, and thanks for sharing.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • white and black, black or white? ... the clavier of game of chess ... the problem could be recognized (hear the bassoon, second 35 ...)

    2700 elo-points to you ;)

    you are an international grandmaster of VSL!

  • Hi Guy,

    this sounds absolutely amazing!!! [Y][H]

    Thanks so much for posting this.

    and, it also reminds me how I am so glad I purchased the Vienna Instrument String Libraries!

    Those rushing scales in different places - sounds like to me you were using the recorded scale passages. Am I correct here?

    thanks again for posting and sharing this,



  • Thanks for these very nice comments!  

    Tom, thanks! And thanks the kind works about my music on CD Baby. The physical CD is a more expensive investment and not really worth it unless you have a name known to the public or something attached to it that will make it sell enough to cover your expense.

    Dietz, I'm glad you got around to it cause your comment means a lot, thanks!!

    Carlo, I loved your chess humor! Thanks!

    Steve, very kind comment, thanks! Yes, you are correct ;) the runs are from the VSL recorded scales. 

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