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  • [SOLVED] V Instruments Pro 2 - no sequencer patches found


    I cant find any installed seq patterns after updating to version 2Pro. If I make a pattern and save it I can see the location to where I should have my presets, but there are no other .viseq files in the location apart from the one I made my self.

    I downloaded what I beleive are the latest library updates and dragged them into my lib manager, I also got a "so and so many files where updated in your library" after process was finished.

    Path is: users/shared/VSL/Vienna instruments pro/Sequences

    I use Logic 9.1.7 under Lion 10.7.3, I have 20GB of ram and the system is on a SSD drive.



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    Hello Svein,

    If you have applied the Library Updates for your SE Download Collections, you should see the new "VI PRO Presets" and Matrices in separate folders. These contain the sequences, built into these presets and matrices.

    Here are the video tutorials we have updated for VI PRO 2.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • There it was, fantastic Paul, thank you