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  • PT 10 and VE Pro 5 - 5 sample delay when recording to audio?


    I've noticed that when I try to bounce down audio from an instrument track in PT 10 that points to something hosted in VEP 5 via a bus, there is about a 5-6 sample difference between the start of the MIDI note and where the first audio transient starts in the bounced file. Is there some way to fix this?


  • This sounds like something unrelated to VE Pro. Do you have latency inducing plugins in the VE Pro instance?

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your quick response Karel. I have the latest version of VE Pro, and it says 0 for the plugin latency compensation (I am only using virtual instruments in VEP - PianoTeq and Omnisphere in this case). I tried the test again and I am seeing a 46 sample latency in the recorded audio (using tab to transient in PT). I have delay compensation set to long in PT and my hardware buffer size is 128.

    Here is a screenshot - any ideas? Thank you!

  • Also, if I load PianoTeq directly in Pro Tools and record audio from that, it appears closer to the MIDI start than the VE Pro audio does - the audio of recording from VEP and the audio of recording from PT do not line up (although there still seems to be a delay of 26 samples for the PT one).

  • Bump - any ideas? Thanks!