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  • Vienna instruments newbie: How to record automation within the software

    Hi there,

    First of all sorry this basic question. I've tried the videotutorial, and have read the manual without getting "there". Please forward me to the right thread if its been discussed before.

    I'm just about getting started after years with exs24. I've figured out how to assign the different matrix-patches. I've somehow managed to record the first matrix (by using the control wheel and logic records the midisignal).

    That's the matrix in the left column, its for the first verse of the song. But I don't know how to record the automation for switching into matrix 2 (column two) for the chorus part. In other words, I don't get how to switch between the different matrixes.

    I've tried to assign C1 as keyswitch - and then hitting C1 on the midikeyboard between the verse and the chorus, but nothing happens.

    I do manage to do it manually by pressing the actual matrix column each time I'm playing back the song.. But don't know how to record this action..


    Thanks in advance for helping.. Feels like this is the first huge step for me to take advantage of this software [:)]



    Logic Pro 9

    Evolution MK-449C

  • Well... I'm not sure if I should expect any replies after two days, but I was at least hoping [;)] I'm really eager to get these things working :)

  •  You are probably playing the keyswitch in the wrong octave. Try playing it an octave lower.


  • Thanks for answering :)

    I've doublechecked thats not the issue here. Also tried another key in case they're in conflict with another command or something..

  •  I'm so eager to get started. Can somebody please advise or put me in a similar thread?