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  • 2nd strings, well done!


    A bit late but I decided to update my chamber strings. I was pleased to find 2nd string patches! Wow! Well done, VSL!   [Y][B][^][:D]

    I wonder about 2 things:

    • The lack of these have been such a big deal for years. Didn't read about it on this forum or in the news section. Why?
    • How were there samples made? Editted from existing samples or are these really alternate takes from the old recording sessions?
    Anyway, fantastic work!
    By the way, this is my first post. I'm a pop string arranger from the Netherlands. Chamber strings are my main mockup tool, although my tracks are used quite a lot on the finished products (often layered with real strings). I absolutely love this library (and SE which I own as well) but thought of the lack of 2nd strings a shame at times. Not anymore. Well done, Herb & co.
    Kind regards,
    Carsten Altena

  • Hi Carsten and welcome in the Forum!

    Where did you find these 2nd Violins?



    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • The 2nd violin patches can be found under the Patches tab of Vienna Instruments, under the heading "90 Violins 2" of the respective VE String collections (after the library updates provided last December).

    It's my understanding that these patches were edited from existing samples to avoid the phasing effect, and were not taken from old recording sessions.The development team slipped them into the new VI content without much hype because they "didn't consider it a major feature."



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    @Popslaw said:

    The 2nd violin patches can be found under the Patches tab of Vienna Instruments, under the heading "90 Violins 2" of the respective VE String collections (after the library updates provided last December).

    Sorry Brian, maybe I'm stupid or I have not the corresponding licence for getting these samples...(DVD Chamber Strings full) 

    Nevertheless, I'm not able to find a link...  "90 Violins 2". [8o|]

    Am I correct with:

    User Area/DVD Instruments/Library Updates...?


    User Area/Software/...


    Thanks for a further hint and help. [:$]


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • Hi Beat,

    I'm truly a novice among novices, so you should take any advice from me with caution:)

    Anyway, the library updates in question should be under User Area -> DVD Instruments -> DVD Library Updates. You you can then just drag the zip file into the Directory Manager, and the files should be updated automatically. If all goes well, then the "90 Violins 2" patches should appear under the Patch tab in VI Pro.

    If the patches don't appear even after applying the library updates, there's a chance you could be affected by a rare bug that prevents the updates from installing correctly. This bug initially prevented me and at least one other user from seeing the Violin 2 patches (as well as the other new preset/matrix content). It turns out there's an easy (but unexpected) fix to this problem, so please let me know if you still have trouble and I can list the steps we used to overcome the issue.



  • Hi Beat, Brian,

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm not at the computer right now but as I recall it, there indeed is a new folder called something like that. I've got Chamber strings I. I don't quite understand why VSL considers this a minor update given the many heated discussions on this board :P But other than that, let's be happy with the fact we finally have them.

    Beat, before this I used your divisi-trick to get 2nd strings, which worked very well, thank you!



  • Beat,

    By the way, I too am very much indebted to you for the wealth of information on your website, and I am a great admirer of your work.


  • Popslaw, thanks for the comments.

    It looks like I might have the bug you mentioned.  I am able to see at least some new matrix and preset info, but I am not able to see any of the new 90 2nd violin patches in any of the strings collections that I own.  I have applied the latest updates in my user area.

    What steps did you take to see the 2nd violin patches?

    If it makes a difference, note that I am using VI Pro 2 within the older MIR SE.


  • I simply downloaded the latest updates + the latest directory manager just to be sure, followed the steps described on the update page and it worked. Have you tried repeating those steps?

  • Hi Noldar12,

    Your case seems a bit different than mine was in that you're able to see some of the new matrix and preset info, whereas I wasn't able to see anything new, but here are the steps that worked for a couple of us.The issue turned out to be that Windows was preventing the directory manager from updating the files properly, in spite of the expected feedback from the Directory Manager stating, "This program will install..." message, followed by "Scanning volumes...," and finally "xxx files were updated," etc. If you're using Windows, try this:

    After taking care of the obvious stuff like updating to the newest version of eLicenser, etc., go to the User Account Control Settings from the Control Panel and switch it to the lowest setting ("Never notify"). Then restart the computer and drag the downloaded library update zip files into the Directory Manager. Don't forget to increase the UAC settings again, and start VI Pro 2. The "90 Violins 2" heading should be one of the last headings under the respective violin patch lists. I think the 2nd violins are available for all of the DVD String libraries, but not for the SE strings.

    If it's any help, here's the thread where we sorted out these issues a couple months ago:

    I hope that works for you!



  • Glad that's cleared up now [:)] Let's start playing those second violins...

  • Carsten and Brian

    Thanks once more for your help. I had those 2nd Violins already installed - but didn't know about them until your posts here...[:$]

    Further, many thanks for you kind words about my services here and on my homepage!

    As mentioned in a answer above: Let's use thes 2nd violins now! Let's play now unsion without any additional trick.

    All the best


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • :)

    For my next project I'm going to try this out:

    • 1st violins: stack 2 chamber strings using the transpose technique to avoid phasing
    • 2nd violins: stack 2 chamber strings from the 2nd strings patches using the transpose technique to avoid phasing
    • add a solo violin to each violin section, using the transpose technique to avoid phasing.
    This would give 1st/2nd string sections which you could realistically divide. The solo violin would even add more to the realism. All divisi + solo should randomize slightly. This configuration should result in a very conving sound and could rival LASS in terms of flexibility.

  • Is this 2nd Violins for VSL SE ??? I updated the file but no 90 2nd Violins ...  [:(]

  • The 2nd violins are only available for the String DVD collections, I believe.

  • Not 100% sure, but I believe the 2nd string patches are only available for the dvd collection (I've got SE full and chamber strings).