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  • Sociopath, music of the insane mind (100% Chamber Strings)

    Everything you hear is Chamber Strings, even the orchestral violin effects near the end are manufactured with Chamber Strings.

    The horns near the end are Wallander.

    Reverb is ValhallaRoom

  • I like this a lot!!!

    Nice insane composition and nice show off for the chamber strings! I think one day I will have to get them. ;-)



  • It didn't sound too insane to me but is very good.  Excellent use of the Chamber strings.  I had the reaction this needs a companion piece (or section), something very slow and atonal using legato as a contrast to all those staccati/pizz.   

  • William, definitely good suggestions, I think this composition could be taken farther with tuned percussion and even found-sound percussion to increase the feeling of insanity. Yeap... I only had a day to creat this... a little bit inspired by Shelock Holmes music.

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