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  • Multiprocessing settings

    Recently I've had to use only Kontakt instances in MIR PRO without exeption. Manual saying in this case you should set the Multiprocessor settings for Kontakt on and set the value for VE PRO to 2 threads. But, I'm using Kontakt 4 a n d 5 side by side. So I've shared the MP threads between both versions (5+5+2 in HT mode). After trying out the other setting (VE PRO all MP threads, Kontakt 4 & 5 MP switched off) I can't really say what's better. I've noticed sometimes an increasing CPU usage after a while of playback (at the starts the CPU usage is noticable lower.) Seems to me some scripts of Kontakt lib's are problematic. (all build in effect are switched off.) Does anybody have some experiences herein?