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  • Wind Quintet

     Here is a first serious attempt using MIR Pro. The Sham Doctor for Wind Quintet - Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn (Triple Horn) & Bassoon.

    This is part of a suite written / arranged by a colleague.

    Coments welcome.


  • Hi Kanon, nice composition,I enjoyed to listen. I've been a hornplayer in my youth, so some suggestions regarding the french horn: You've used mostly the high velocity values for the triple horn, what's in a woodwind quintet mostly not usual, because the dynamic of the french horn is much wider and it is much louder than the woodwinds. The natural volume setting can help to learn the behaving of the dynamic relations between the instruments. Setting all instruments to the natural volume you will noticed the loudness of the french horn - and you will use the lower velocities more which will give you a nicer sound btw. I hope you have fun to try out this suggestion. Anyway, thanks for sharing! Frank

  • Very nice to hear. And enjoyable to listen to.... Go VSL !

  • Apart from agreeing with Frank's remarks, the width of the dry signal is IMO to big. There is no natural reverberation-envelope around the dry signal, even for this very close-up setting. The result is accordingly somwhat "flat" in the sense that it conveys very little of the Z-axis of the space the players are set in.

    The musical shaping of the performance (hate the completely misleading word "programming" in this context) is on the other hand nicely done, and it would profit from a better spatial setup.

  •  Goran and Frank - many thanks for your constructive comments. They are very helpful.



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    Shock Absorber

    @Shock Absorber said:

    Very nice to hear. And enjoyable to listen to.... Go VSL !


     Thanks for your encouragement.


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