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  • Unable to link my eLicencer Vienna key to Cubase5

    Hi all, I have recently bought the Vienna Suite (great!!) and 3 licences were given to me. 1 licence I have successfully installed on Cubase6 with the genuine Cubase dongle, however, I m trying to install my 2d licence on my other PC with Cubase 5 and it is not working. Fair enough, my Cubase 5 is not (yet) genuine ( please no judgement here) but I have bought the Vienna Key to install the Suite properly. My main error message when I launch Cubase is : „Application LCC2 exclusive“ has caused the Following error: „Unable to Save SLD files in POS folder. Please adjust filesystems permissions correctly” or at least one connected eLicenser contains licenses wich cannot be used with the installed version of 'eLicenser Control'. The Elicencer seems fine however, since the key has properly registered my 2d licence So my question is simple, is it possible to run my 2d Vienna Suite licence with that odd version of Cubase anyways ? (I m using genuine Window7 64bits ) Thx for your help :)

  •  Of course it won't work with pirated software.


  • I try before I buy :) But thx for the answer, it comforts me in my choices of buying genuine products. A-

  •  Cracked software uses a dongle emulation application, that will mess up everything on the computer that uses the proper dongle (eLicenser). So you need to uninstall the cracked software first, then install your Vienna software,  then go to the Steinberg website and download the 30 day free demo version of Cubase 6.

    Using the "try before you buy" excuse for using stolen pirate software is a somewhat rather lame excuse, and whilst you are using pirate software you deserve every problem possible, and you are not likely to get any help or sympathy here.

  • Thank you for your answer Andyjh. I am sure you have never used any pirate software/movie/music at any point of your life, and I certainly have learned my lesson here. As per my issue, I have simply installed my Genuine Cubase 6 on both studio, and I will just travel with my Steinberg dongle anytime I'll need it, this should do the trick and avoid further unnecessary public stoning. -End of debate.