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  • MIR Pro Room Tone - Problem with bouncing when this is ON

    Hi! I have just bought Vienna MIR PRO and its very great. But when I and the MIR Pro Room Tone the bouncing is hanging up. It take very long time before the bounce is finish. The song is about 3 minutes, but the bounced file was over 1 hour. Do I delete the MIR Pro Room Tone the bouncing is no problem. How can I solve this problem? Regards Ketil

  • The MIR Pro Room Tone is outputting an audio signal constantly and your host decides when to stop bouncing based on the availability of an audio signal. You should bounce a region of your project to get around this (most hosts offer this possibility).

  • Hi! When I bounce I use regions. In my bounceoptions windo I select which bars shall be bounced, ex. bar 1 to 30. But still when I use the MIR Pro Room Tone it bounce futher than bar 30.