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  • Epic Orchestra Demo.viframe32/64

    Hello all, I bought Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 recently. In the same breath I installed the demo of Vienna Suite. Now the Vienna Suite key has expired, and I notice that the "Epic Orchestra Demo.viframe" project, which comes delivered with the Epic Orchestra (as part of Ensemble Pro 5), can not be loaded any longer, because the project makes the eLicenser complain about missing the Vienna Suite MCFACT. Is it true that the "Epic Orchestra Demo.viframe" project depends on having the Vienna Suite installed?

  • Welcome amadeusamadeus, 

    I have checked your account and you have quite some Vienna Suite demo licenses already.... 

    These demo licenses work for 30 days/30 starts. 

    Once the 30 starts are used up, you can recharge them as often as you like by clicking "Maintenance" in the eLicenser Control Center (within 30 days). 

    So you should go ahead and recharge your license starts to check out Vienna Suite a bit more!

    If you want to open the Epc Orchestra Demo viframe without Vienna Suite, please uninstall Vienna Suite before, then the setup will open without any trouble. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul, I have recently tried to re-install VEP5 and Epic Orchestra but it doesn't recognize my elicenser key. I get a error Application "Vienna MCFACT" has caused the following error. etc.... My elicenser key has VEP4, VEP5, and my Vienna Instrument (Epic Orchestra). Also in my account I have all the software registered. I also have 2 elicenser keys. They key that is not being recognized is 106328 - 46336D3 Can you please give me some advice as to what I need to do to make my elicenser key be recognized? Woody Pak

  • Hi, 

    Such specific questions are better taken care of by email, I must say. Also, you missed one "0" in the key serial number (I checked with your registered keys). 

    Your Epic Orchestra license is on the other key, BTW. 

    Generally, we always recommend to connect the key directly to the computer, as USB hubs can sometimes cause problems (especially if they don't have a separate power supply). 

    If you're working on a Mac, you also might want to try resetting your USB ports: disconnect ALL cables from the tower, wait 30 seconds, and reconnect all cables. Now your USB ports might recognize the key again.

    You can always contact me directly through .



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL