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  • Vienna Key registered to another user please help

    I work for a large company and our audio department ordered VSL a couple years ago, complete with Vienna keys. We just purchased a new license for a new computer, and found one of our old Vienna keys to hold the license. Problem is, it says it's registered to another user. We have no idea who that user might be, and I don't know how to wipe the existing user registration. is there any way to re-use this key without having to purchase another one? can it hold multiple licenses? and a little off subject, but we're also having issues connecting to the appropriate servers (elicenser) because of our company firewalls. Do you have any sort of offline registration? I know Native Instruments has a good work around for offline, does VSL have anything like that? thanks in advance

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    1. Contact
    2. Yes, it can hold multiple licences.
    3. No, you have to do it on the Internet. However, there is nothing to say that you have to do it at work.