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  • Brandenburg concert BWV 1048 - NEW MIX

    Hi, here is a new mix if the brandenburg concerto N°3- Always using solo strings only, but with improved spatialization. Thanks for your comments Truely yours Philippe NEW MIX 22/01/2012:

  • That's not bad. I thought it was going to dreadful before I listened to it but it's a surprise. You get  certain amount of musical bounce which is what this work is about. 

    The only thing I might do is to narrow the stereo field slightly because I hear too much moving around the stage the way it's set up at the moment.

    One of the better solo strings examples I've heard in years. Helps that it's one of the greatest pieces ever written of course. Nice picture of old man Bach too.

  • Hello

    Nice work !
    I agree with PaulR : the spatialization is like instrumentists are playing far apart from each other (like if they were in a big loft); I would add... the reverb is a bit too much, the sounds are lost.
    I think this piece needs more "grouping"... Just my feeling. And it is your choice.
    Comparing with :, a live recording of the same piece of music, the dynamics is... another world, basses (DB and harpsichord) are much more present. Also the tempo is much faster.
    Having said that (absolutely not to be unpleasant) it is still a nice work for a fine piece of music !

  •  Very nice

    It is one of my preferred music.

    I agree with the other comments about spatialization but I would add the following,  try the multiband compressor, it will help to feel more presence like if you were in the room and not like in an adjacent room. Also, try some small tempo variation in the right spot, it helps a lot to humanize the whole thing an be musically more pleasant.

    Jean Roy

  • IMO vastly superior to the Vivaldi production in musical terms. Much more natural, "human", generally polished playing. The overall shaping of tempo and "flow" is also very good, could use slight variations sometimes (but at this level, it could be that I am simply imagining things because I know it's a sampled production).

    I myself didn't find the stereo width or spatialization to be problematic (but I am listening through headphones, which means Paul and Jean are probably on to something).

    But this a level from which I forget the whole real/sampled thing, and just enjoy the musical and sonic qualities of a piece - if nobody told me, I wouldn't for the most part necessarily think it is a sampled production.

    To sum it up: a grand piece of work. Congratulations!

  • Hi everybody, thanks for all your comments. According to (most of) them, i propose this new mix. The instruments are closer and differently reverbered. I think the spatialization was not a problem itself, but just too large according to the distance of instruments. I narrowed the powerpan controlers too. Like this, i win in pecision of instruments, allowing a little bit faster tempo. Some variations of tempo have been added in the first mouvement. Friendly yours.

  • Very good. Tres Bonne! It take me back to this.

  • Nice pop version !!! i am always saying that baoque music swings a lot ... you give the proof ;-) I like the Wendy (walter) carlos version too !!! And this is not bad too : Kind regards Philippe

  • That sounds better I think.  Because the youtube page has other performances I have been checking them.  All the live ones seem much "heavier" and with longer sustains on each note.  Yours has very short notes and sounds somewhat casual if that makes any sense.  I wonder if there could be more legato or sustain?  I am not sure.  It is making me want to do a performance to compare with those live ones, since Bach is always such a perfect demo of various aspects of performance. 

  • Hi Philippe,

    I really like the changes you've made! It sounds better than the previous one for sure.

    It is such great music.

    BTW, would you consider sharing your midi file or setup.

    It's been a while that I wanted  to work on that piece.

    Pls if you consider it, contact me privately and we could make some arrangement. (you can contact me in french)



  • Hello Philippe

    I compared both of them, and "I really like the changes you've made! It sounds better than the previous one for sure (jeancello )". Nothing to add.
    The expression is very good, I'm jealous !
    Great work !

  • Thanks for all Philippe

  • And here's an excerpt of same with VSL chamber strings (2nd track)


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