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  • Chatting Pianos

    After a long time finally I found some hours to playing around with my sample instruments again. So this evening I made an improvisation about and around an old jazzstandard. The Sound of the MIR venue - Teldex Studio is beautiful for (almost) acoustic jazz, using vienna imperial and steinberg cp- 80. btw - My inspiration for this little funny impro has been a theme from a thread in an internet forum for virtual instruments. There has been a heated discussion about classical vs. filmmusic. :-) This battle of the two pianos is an analogy of those discussions, talking theme here classic vs. jazz... Have fun! Frank

  • Hi Frank,

          I wish you had more hours to play around with the sample instruments! Beautiful playing and extremely enjoyable, great feel to the music. Reminiscent of the Dave Brubeck quartet but at the same time totally different mood and a pleasure to listen too. Enjoyed the spirit and humour of the piece.



  • Hi Tom, thanks a lot for your kindly comment! Yes, you've got it, Brubeck is indeed an inspiring and shining example to me. Specially for the final chord - if I remember correctly in "Three to get ready" he make such a funny surprising ending, I've had in back of my head when I did this one for "Someday my prince will come". I'm happy you enjoyed the little improvisation! Thanks again for listening! Best Frank

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