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  • Upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista 32 to 64 update For VE-5

      I need to perform a custom (clean) install to get my PC into 64 bit mode... Windows 7... QUESTION....  Is it really necessary  to uninstall VEP -5 and VI 2?  I am going to back up my VEP projects, but once I install Windows 7, I'll just download the applications again from the Vienna site since I have the licenses.Is that O.K.?? All my Vienna instruments are residing on others drives inside the PC.   OR  Could you recommend a good back up software for the PC. One that I could just bring back my settings and applications once Windows 7 is installed....    Window 7 upgrade has an application but it just backups   documents. I am adding more RAM in my PC because I want to try out MIR and I could use more RAM room.     Sorry if this is a bit off topic.. but I could use some help from any PC guys out there that have updated their systems.

    Thanks again for the time.

  •  The only thing I would ever do in this situation, is format the drive and start with a new OS install, don't try and use anything that was previously installed, especially as you are going from 32-bit to 64-bit.

    The sample libraries on another drive are all OK, they don't need reinstalling. Just make sure you back everything up before you reformat the drive !!