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  • Insurance Agencies in Australia for VEP / other dongled software....

    Hey guys,

    Just went thru my business insurance, and they expressly do not (and will not) cover software - other than the cost of the delivery of new software or the physical media it came on.) 

    So I am a little taken back, given I have my vienna software on a few syncrosoft dongles (and plenty of other software on the same dongles) - and an equal amount on iloks.

    Can anyone suggest an insurance company in austarlia that will insure this stuff (and also not just when in a studio - I travel with my gear.  And no, my travel insurance also will not cover it, as the software is considered to be "business equipment" which falls outside the policy!)

    Thanks for any help.


  • My insurance said to take a juridical insurance to be able to sue VSL because what they are doing is not legal

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  • Cyril, I have no idea if it is legal or not here in australia.  If it is in your country, then that is something that will in one way or another need to be sorted out.

    Although my insurance company wont touch it, that doesn't make it illegal.  Indeed, it makes some sense - given you don't ever own software, just a license to use it. 

    Nevertheless, I don't really have the energy to look into the legalities - rather, I just need to know I have a way to get working quickly again should my keys go missing (especially when travelling.)

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    @colony nofi said:

     Indeed, it makes some sense - given you don't ever own software, just a license to use it. 

    That is why you should explain to them that it is not the software that you want to insure (which can be copied), but the licence (which cannot be copied).