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  • [SOLVED] Wrong trill samples in oboe 2?

    I think the trills2 for oboe2 might have two wrong samples. The notes G5 and G#5 play a minor 3rd interval instead of the major 2nd.I helped myself by using the F#5 and tuned it up to play the whole tone trill G5->A5.

    Can anybody confirm this or am I finally hearing that bad? ;-)



  • I think, that could be right, I remember noticing the same strange behavior some days ago. Didn't care so much in this moment, creating a trill using the leg trill patch. Frank

  • Yes, leg trill patch is even better. Thanks for pointing me in that direction!


  •  Hi Sabine,

    some trills are for certain woodwind instruments hard to perform. If you look at instrumentation books you can find lists of trills which are wokring fine, some which are hard to perform.

    So for the real perfomed trills there might be some tuning anomalies, which we couldn't optimise.

    The performance trill stuff, which is edited in a kind of sliced editing technique, is tuningwise more optimised, but the real performed trills might be the more realistic approach.



  • Hi Herb,

    that makes sense. It's great that we can choose between different options. Thanks a lot!