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  • Solo Strings and Sib basics still

    Hi there.....I don't know what I've done!!!! System is imac 2.66ghz core 2 duo 10.6.8 4 gig ram /sib 6.2/ vsl solo strings. The piece is a string quartet with each instrument on a separate midi channel. It was all pretty much working though I've never been happy with the timing on faster runs. But then I updated to the new sound set and house style, and now I can see VE responding to midi in the right channels, sound is fed back to Sibelius, but none of the articulations are being tracked. I've been though the "optimizing" PDF, videos on the website, read the sibelius manual, but can't fix it. Reinstalled everything bar the actual apps. The areas I question are: should I be using VE 64 or 32 bit? Should "send program change" be enabled in sibelius (as I have read conflicting advice here)? Should the Service Interface say "default" - as there is a load FXP option? I have loaded the "sib_SS" presets - I thought matrices would then auto load as per score instructions - or do I have to nominate matrices as well? Those are just the areas remaining grey after researching as much as I could - but It could be something else entirely - so very much open to suggestions....? Cheers, Rangi.

  • two steps forward. It took ages but have completely reinstalled Sib/VE/Vi and the articulations etc are mostly working now. So I must have had an old version of something, or done something stupid somewhere. But I am back to an old issue where particular combinations of slurs, double stopping, staccatos don't play back well. I am aware of work arounds such as shortening playback lengths to start new legato passages and making slurs visual / not audible, but it is a bit of a pain and slow. Do the pro versions of VE or VI help with accuracy? What about sib 7, does anyone know if it synchs better with Solo Strings? Cheers, Rangi.

  • Hello Rangi!

    Here are some answers to your questions.

    As you have the Solo Strings I standard collection, the presets "Sib_SS_instrument_L1" are the ones for you to load. Matrices are automatically loaded with the preset.

    I recommend using VE Service 64-bit unless you want to load 32-bit plugin effects with VE. VE Service 32-bit should work equally. It's even possible to use them parallel.

    VI Pro will offer you many additional features and settings but will not change the sound of the playback by itself.

    VE Pro mainly offers the ability to add 3rd party instruments, network capabilities and the possibility to add MIR Pro. It won't have any additional effect on your playback.

    As far as playback is concerned, Sibelius 7 is not very different than Sibelius 6.

    Editing MIDI data like note lengths and excluding articulation signs from playback is standard playback optimization work. I wouldn't call it a workaround. Notation programs are not as far advanced as human brains, as far as reading and interpreting scores are concerned. [;)]

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks Andi, I didn't mean to sound critical, VSL is very very good overall. VI pro has the polyphonic legato feature which I think you have mentioned before. Will that allow a double stop to be slurred to the note following and play correctly? At the moment I have to disable the slur? Cheers, Rangi

  • Hi Rangi!

    With polyphonic legato turned on in VI Pro, you can play more than one voice simultaniously with our interval patches. You will not have to to disable slurs for double stops then.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
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