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  • Demo licenses, VEP 5 as opposed to MIR Pro

    I have a VEP 4 full license. I downloaded the VEP 5 demo license. 30 starts. I have instantiated MIR Pro a couple of times. That fact has not so far subtracted from the amount of starts according to e-licenser. Will there be a point where the MIR Pro demo license is useful, ie., as a separate instantiation vs VEP 5? MIR is a bit of a learning curve for me.

  • You can refresh the demo license up to 30 days even when the amount of starts have run out.

  • thanks for the quick reply! Good to know. Interestingly, though I have started VEP 5 several times, e-licenser still reads 30 starts. I am liable to become ever more motivated to get MIR Pro and the room packs I think.