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  • Is there a way to show VEP Gui instead of server?

    I am running the demo version of VEP 5 at the moment and I find it a really exciting piece of software.

    One of my little gripes that I have found to dislike is the fact that when I press the button to show the GUI of the VST instrument in Cubase, the VEP server interface comes up. I really would prefer to have the actual VEP showing up instead of a generic window. I have paid a good amount of money to have an external controller for Cubase so that I can just press a button and the VSTi Gui to appear instantly on the screen. So if the server window comes up I have to click multiple times in order to have the VSTi interface show up.

    Another consequence of this is that the VEP interface always disappears behind Cubase like it's a different app (maybe it is but...) so I cannot work with Cubase (editing) while I also have VEP in front of me.

    Please let me know if there is an option for these things as I only demoed VEP 5 for two days and it is very possible I am missing something. For the time being, I am impressed, but these two things really put me off.

  • Bump!

  • I'm glad you like VE Pro 5. The VE Pro Server is indeed a separate application, so it can not be forced on top while working in the Cubase window (that's only possible for child windows of Cubase). Perhaps in a future update there will be an option to bring the VE Pro instance window to the front when opening the GUI, but I can't give an ETA on when that will be unfortunately.

  • Thank you for the reply Karel!

    Yes, that would be a huge time saver. I am really looking forward to purchasing VEP5 and this addition would make it a no-brainer for me.