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  • Do I have a bad disk?

    Hi, I have downloaded the license for Vienna Imperial onto the Vienna Key. When I begin the installation from the DVD in the Library installer, I get this message: This file is incomplete. If this is a downloaded package, please ensure that the entire package is downloaded before starting the library installer. This is definitely DVD 1. What do I do?

  • Nevermind. I found my issue.

  • Hi KFP,

    And welcome to our forum!
    I'm glad to hear the the issue is already resolved - let us know if you've got any other questions!



  • how do you solve this issue? have thge same problem witn that regards

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    Hi Felle,

    Please make sure to update your eLicenser Control Center and Vienna Imperial software, this should do the trick. If not, please contact us with as many details as possible at .