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  • No MIDI playing in Kontakt when transport is moving in DP

    HI there.  I've just updated to VE Pro 5, and have run into a snag while building a template.  In Digital Performer, I've set up one instance of VE that has three instances of Kontakt within it.  I've used the Event Input to get MIDI to the additional Kontakt instances, and brought their audio back in as normal, using Inputs in VE and Aux Channels in DP.  

    Everything appears to be working fine when the transport isn't moving, all the MIDI is triggering the correct instruments, and all the audio is showing up in the correct spot, however as soon as I hit play or record, I get nothing.  It seems that the MIDI stops going to the instruments, as none of the scripted events in Kontakt are triggering, and there's no audio present.  As soon as I hit stop, everything goes back to working fine.  This only happens on the additional instruments, not the first one in each VE instance, and after doing a couple of tests it seems to just be Kontakt, as I can get it working properly using Omnisphere as my additional instruments.  I'm using Kontakt 5.

    I'm a little stumped, anybody have any ideas?

  • not sure but I would imagine this is a audio monitoring issue. Make sure that the audio monitor is set for monitor through effects not direct. Not in my studio right now so I can't give you the precise details but this is what it sounds like to me.  

  • Hey, thanks for the reply.  I was thinking it was something like that, but I checked, and I am monitoring through FX.  I'll keep poking around with those settings and see if anything changes.