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  • VEPRO 5 & Pro Tools - How to setup send effects between the 2

    can anyone give us a simple step by step to setup an Aux send in pro tools to VEPRO? Basically I would like to setup an FX Aux in pro tools that i could bus send different vocals to (a reverb for example), have the reverb plugin running in VEPRO and have the return sent back to pro tools. how would I do that?

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  • 1) Start VE Pro Server on your master or slave
    2) Add a (usually stereo) Instrument track in your PT project
    3) Insert the "Vienna Ensemble Pro" Server Interface plugin in that track
    4) Connect the plugin to the VE Pro Server
    5) Put a "Vienna Ensemble Pro Audio Input" plugin on the audio track you want to send to VE Pro
    6) Assign the plugin to the previously connected Server Interface plugin
    7) In the connected VE Pro instance (in the VE Pro Server), add an Input channel and set its input to the same value as the Audio Input plugin's audio input setting

    Now the audio is going through the VE Pro Server instance and coming out the VE Pro Server Interface plugin. You can create an Aux Input track in PT to receive more outputs than just the first bus from the VE Pro Server Interface plugin.

    I hope that helped a bit.

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    @Karel said:


    5) Put a "Vienna Ensemble Pro Audio Input" plugin on the audio track you want to send to VE Pro


    ... or use it in a BUS-track when you aim for the conventional AUX-send scheme (when talking about a reverb inside of VE Pro).


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • So there's no way to use Audio Input as an insert effect? i.e. I need separate tracks in Pro Tools to send and receive the audio.

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    @LukeHoward said:

    So there's no way to use Audio Input as an insert effect? i.e. I need separate tracks in Pro Tools to send and receive the audio.

    We do not provide an audio insert plugin. VEPro5 was never actually intended to be used that way. Audio will always return on the [Server Interface] plugin track, regardless from where it originated.

  • This is a shame.  VE Pro is an amazing piece of software (outstanding bugs notwithstanding).

    With PT10 introducing new plug formats (AAX), and VE Pro's ability to use hyperthreading - there is a larger market potential here for VSL - that of supporting not only VIs, but offloading the majority of PT's VI and Audio processing to VE Pro.  Some of the Amplitube Guitar Processing originally sourced for this post is a prime example - VE Pro is ideally positioned to take advantage of this new market - and own it. But changes need to be made, and support needs to be more forthcoming for these plugs.  VSL has so far not risen to the challenge - which is worrysome.

    The current design is very much Virtual Instrument specific, and very counter intuitive for audio processing.  Changing its intended functionality to that expected of any audio engineer would open the market up to a world beyond orchestral - that being an audio insert sending and returning audio into PT.  VE Pro is already gaining momentum in the Avid boards, now partnering with the plug manufacturers to increase PT productivity while expanding ease of use and variety of plug-ins seems like a natural new market push.  

    This will exist after AAX is introduced - as a matter of fact, keeping older plugs alive who have not made the leap to AAX is the obvious next revenue push for VSL.

    I hope VSL can break past its very proud orchestral roots, and embrace a new and larger market by consideration, and community involvement in taking VE Pro to the next level.

  • Ok.  Here's how I'm running this.  Please let me know if there is a simpler way and I am missing somehting.

    Let's say that I want a reverb set up on an aux send,

    I set up an AUX bus in protools.  I create a bus, let's say 20-21 and through that bus, I send any audio to that AUX track.  The input of that AUX track is set to 20-21.

    I put an insert on that AUX track with  the VEP Audio Input plug.

    I set up a second Aux (or audio track if I want to record for paralell processing etc) to recieve the incoming signal from VEP.

    It's a bit of a strange workaround but it does work.

    Ideally, I would simply have an aux track with reverb on it.  It would contain an insert that would act the same as an i/o plug in and send and recieve to/from VEP. Seems really easy and intuitive but for some reason, that's not the way it's set up.

  • Great points, treason! And the reverse case would be fantastic also - running a massive PT session, but streaming to your laptop - say hooked up to a living room stereo, boombox, headphones, etc. - all the power of your main PT setup, but with the ability to remote your session.