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  • VE Pro 5 Bug with latest Update: Can't delete VST Plugin Folder

    When removing a folder, the splash window flashes shorty, the path get's removed. When closing the window and re-entering the Path Setup Window, the removed paths are there again...

  • The VST folder stored in your registry is automatically added to that list. The setting can be found in the registry value "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VST\VstPluginsPath". It's a Steinberg registry key that's often used by other hosts as well to find your VST folder.

  • no, I'm talking about my own VST folders...

  • You're right, I verified this. It's fixed for the next update. Thanks a lot for bringing it to my attention.

  • You're welcome *g* no, I have to thank YOU! :) brilliant customer service! :) (may be it's better to NOT scan each added folder on addition, but manually, or on dialog close...? Thus you don't have to wait for the next folder to be added, but add all, then get you a cup of coffee?)

  • Coincidentally I already changed that as well for the next update, even before you mentioned it :)

  • We are a great team! *ggg* Next: - plugin channel: hosted VSTi midi out available as Midi In to other channels - scrollable list/tree boxes instead of (sub)menus I noticed some incompatibilities with some plugs: - (crashes the scan code, hangs VE Pro on scan - (crashes VE Pro on plugin channel deletion; I guess it's because it doesn't have an audio out pin) ...

  • try a re-scan in the preferences window after you closed the window where you've removed the vst plugin folder..

  • That will help in some circumstances, but not always. The best way to make it stick is restarting VE Pro, that is until the next update is out of course.