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    @Karel said:

    This is due to the fact that Logic disables tracks unless its transport is playing. I'm not sure anything can be done about this.

    actually for me it's the other way around, if the transport is not playing I can get sound on the midi channels assigned via the VEP Event Input, once I hit play or record, I don't get anything.

  • +1, I'm holding back the upgrade because of this (as a matter of fact, I paid for the upgrade because of this...)

  • Last night I thought that I solved the problem... but not,  VEP5 misses one of each three notes. What a disaster...

    I would like an official answer here, isn't going to be any repair or update? or... Can we start to think we've spent the money in vain?

    It's really frustrating spend my time (very sparse, like everyone here) in evaluating  bugs/problems that have been treated as "Logic normal behavior" and make useless the update to VEP5 , in my case. I'm not a beta tester, I'm musician. I don't expect to buy a new saxophone and discover that I can only play half the notes because its build in this way.

    For me this is misleading advertising

    Again, sorry for my english and hard words. Perhaps better to spend time studing english that trying solve VEP5 / Logic problems... 

  • I am bumping this in hopes that someone at VSL can recreate the problem and let us know what's happening.


  • I hoped to save CPU power:

    - the master got to calculate more Altiverbs

    - the master gets back a lot of audio channels

    If the Event Input would work, I could put all Strings into ONE VE Pro, because I use different MIDI ports. No, I got for every instrument (Vl1, Vl2, Vla...) one VE Pro instance and 3 audio channels. But with VE Pro 5 and don't see any possibility to reduce the problems, audio channels oder CPU power. Sad.

  • The word "silence" in the thread's title is becoming curiouser and curiouser, as some might say — where are the VSL staff's comments on this issue?

  • Important enough...


  • We're still investigating these issues and looking for ways to improve the situation. Thanks for reporting this and apologies for the inconvenience.

  • We'll wait, no better option...

  • After more testing in Logic 9.1.5 I can say that it works exactly as intended. Perhaps you're not putting the Event Input plugin track to Live mode properly. The proper procedure is: insert Utility->I/O plugin as insert effect in the same track as the Event Input plugin, set its Output to 1-2, then Bypass it.

    I did get the described behavior once when changing the Process Buffer Range mid project. A simple start/stop of the transport fixed it immediately though. I will look into this small transition issue for the next update.

    If it still behaves erratically for you, it would help to send some screenshots of your Logic preferences to  for me to look at.

  • Thank you. It's been my mistake, to set the output of the I/O utility not to output 1/2. But now I got another problem. I got a big latency. Just when playing with the Event PlugIn. When I play VE Pro Slave directly, there is now latency.

  • Hi Karel,

    My problem with this is that the manual is not clear, so can you give a walkthrough from scratch of how to automate a multichannel instance of VEP5 in Logic. e.g multichannel volume automation of the VSL instruments loaded in VEP5.

    Also where in VEP5 is the Assign or Learn Function for the Parameters that appear in the Logic Automation List?



  • OKay I will try it but it seemed that you also have to put an i/o on the VEP plugin track as well to keep it in live mode.  The addition of an i/o on the Event track didn't do anything...but will try agian.  My issue was that it worked when the transport wasn't running but failed with it was.


  • In my case: NO sound if not playing Logic project

  • Hello Karel, I think I figured it out. If you multiple tracks with VEP event input plug ins assigned to the same instance, you need to make sure that all of them have an I/0 plug in inserted and bypassed. If you forget to do so for just one of the tracks , none of them will work properly. this seems to have fixed it for me.

  • Yes, it's important that every Event Input plugin track has the I/O Utility plugin as insert effect, set to Output 1-2, then Bypassed. Same with every Audio Input plugin track by the way. This is crucial for proper functionality.

    If you want to have the same latency when playing from an Event Input plugin, you can also put the I/O Utility plugin on the main VE Pro plugin track to put it in Live mode. Note however that Logic throws all Live mode tracks processing on a single CPU core, so it is possible that you run into performance issues in some circumstances. The latency when playing from an Event Input track can also be reduced by setting Process Buffer Range to Small (instead of inserting the I/O Utility plugin on the main VE Pro plugin track).

    Also make sure you're using the latest version of VE Pro 5 (currently 5.0.9753).

    In terms of automation: The Event Input plugin has 512 automatable parameters (Param1 to Param512). Say you assign "Parameter 1" to "1 Master Bus/Volume" in the Automation Mapping window in VE Pro. The volume slider in the master bus will then work like any automatable parameter in a regular AU in Logic. So Param1 of the Event Input plugin that has "Use for automation" enabled directly represents the volume of the master bus in VE Pro.

  • For me having the i/o plugin on every track was the solution.  :)  I don't get individual volume control though unless I set up automation and I am not sure how this will work with Logic's channel strips which I use all the time for projects that aren't starting with a specific template.  At least it is working!


  • Indeed it seems that having the I/O Utility plugin on the main track solves all issues. Logic behaves inconsistent in that regard unfortunately.

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    Hi there,

    I had an identical issue to the one in the video posted by 'jaumepardalito' . The curious thing is that I have two slave computers.... I setup the first slave with 1 VEP instance with 6 x Kontakt 5 Plugins running 16 channels. I used the event input plugin in Logic to create the 6 MIDI sends to VEP, these had I/O utility plugins inserted, sent to 1-2 and then bypassed. To return audio to logic I used the main VEP 2x16 stereo multi-out plugin, with the '+' button hit 5 times to give 6 stereo inputs from VEP in total. I DID NOT have I/O utility plugins bypassed on the additional AUX returnn channels, but I did have one inserted on the MAIN VEP 2x16 stereo multi-out plugin.

    Everything worked fine. I was able to record and playback material no problem at all.

    I then duplicated this setup identically to the second slave systems. When not in playback or record everything worked fine. When playing back or recording the ISSUSE arose - not all notes were getting through to VE (MIDI registered in Logic), there were MIDI drop-outs and sometimes I got NO SOUND AT ALL. Very frusrating.

    I will try adding bypassed I/O plugins to every Vienna plugin in the UNIVERSE. See if that fixes it. If it doesnt this is a major issue as its a super important studio setup I'm working on.

    Any help at all appreciated VIENNA!!!



  • oh yes....

    I didn't have any issue with VEP MIDI port 1... only ports 2 upwards. even if I routed all audio to 1-2 out from VEP (coming into main VEP plugin in logic).... I got MIDI dropouts / silence. So its definitely a MIDI issue with the EVENT input plugin.