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  • Special Edition: "Activation Code Missing!"

    Last week I finally made the plunge and purchased the Special Edition DVD set along with a Vienna Key. I registered the Key and noticed that there was no Demo License or 180 start count. Then I registered the Special Edition on the website and although it registered fine, instead of receiving an activation code, it said "Activation Code Missing!" Although I was frustrated, I went ahead and installed the latest version of the software from the website, but when I tried to install the libraries, I was stopped cold since the Key did not have a valid license on it. I immediately emailed support (three days ago) but haven't received any response. Any ideas on what I can do to install my newly-purchased Special Edition? At the moment, it's about as useful as a $450 paper weight.

  • Hello Kassra,

    I'm sorry to hear about this problem.

    Unfortunately, we've had a problem with including activation codes in confirmation emails for the Special Edition this weekend, but I see that you've already received another confirmation email in the meantime with the correct activation code. As this code is still unused, I'm sending it to you again shortly in another email.

    I hope you can excuse the inconvenience this issue has caused.

    The problem regarding the activation codes has of course been resolved already in the meantime.



  • Stefan, thank you for the quick response. I did get the code but didn't have the chance to use it until now--I'm up and running now! Cheers!