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  • Vienna Pro 2 Library Updates

    I have installed and started exploring VI pro 2.  Thanks for this fantastic update.  The tutorial video refers to a Vienna Pro 2 Library Update, but I can't see them anywhere on the site or on my computer.  Can you point me in the right direction please? 

    Thanks guys!

  • Have you checked your user area?


  • Yes, I have been right through my user area and have updated the DVD librarys I have, but can't find the Vienna Instruments Pro 2 Library Updates.  I want the .vuseq files referred to in the Tutorial.

  • The files are located in User Area->DVD Instruments->Library Updates, or User Area->Download Instruments->Library Updates.

  • Thanks for your replies.  I have looked in both those locations already, and have updated my Instrument libraries, but there is no reference to the Vienna Instruments Pro library update referred to in the Tutorial......or am I missing something?  

  •  All available library updates for String and Wind instruments are including also any VI PRO 2 related updates.



  • You need to install the library updates located in the aforementioned area of the website. There's no reference to VI Pro in the library updates, but they are released 2011-11-16.

  • Forgive me. How do I install library updates?[*-)]

  • Hi Dave, 

    Download the Library Update, then drag the zipped file onto the new Directory Manager that is installed with all latest VSL software. 

    You can also do that with multiple Library Updates at once. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Gosh that was easy. Thanks.

    Very much enjoying these new products.


  • All the updates have been installed - but still no .viseq files appear on my computer.  Do they exist yet?

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    @basso said:

    All the updates have been installed - but still no .viseq files appear on my computer.  Do they exist yet?


    Sorry, don't know which file you are exactly searching for.

    In which tutorial and in which context are .viseq files mentioned?



  • OK Herb, maybe I have got the wrong idea, but I was under the impression that VI pro 2 came with some midi patterns for the sequencer to get you started - which seemed to have the .viseq extension according to VI pro.  Am I completely wrong here....?

  •  I see, all midipatterns are already included in the VI PRO 2 related Matrix and Preset files.

    So there is no additional midipattern file database you have to search for.



  • Maybe what you are looking for is this below; the update of Special Edition library. I solve the problem with the missing Matrix and Preset files by updating Special Edition using this link. After having done that, the presets appeared in VI Pro 2...Good luck! Best, Bjarne O.

  • Ahhh - NOW I see - they are presets and matrixes - I was looking in the wrong place.....Not intuitive Herb - but now I easy!

    Vielen Dank fur die wunderbare Software!

  • Are Pro 2 updates only available for instruments with standard and extended libraries?

  • When I drag the 01_SoloStrings-I_LibUpdate_2011-11-13.viupdate onto the open VI Directory Manager window, I receive the following popup:

    "This file is invalid or corrupt (no valid library update data found).

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • I am having the exact same issue.  I have downloaded the updates twice, and continue to get the error meassage that Michael indicatres.

  • Problem solved with the latest VI Pro2 software made available today.