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  • Epic intro

    This was made with a lot of VST, but I also used Vienna Orchestral Strings and Vienna percusion (timpani) :) I am not a pro composer, so have this in mind. rgds

  • hello Donethur

    it was a nice listen, but if you want my honest opinion i have to say that this fine arrangment could use of more original ideas regarding the melody, it sounded like a lot of cliched stuff..... this is not to put you down at all, it's just an honest advice to pull your attention, but other than that i enjoyed the piece and it looks like you've put real work to produce it.

    may i please know what chopir you used? is it voxos?

  • Hi, The choir comes from EWQL Symphonic Choirs + VOTA expansion. I have Requiem pro and it sounds better, but sometimes I like Symphonic Choirs more, it has more "flexibility" when it comes to create voices because of the wordbuilder and the sound could be very powerful. thanks for your comment.

  • This is great! What did you use for the flutes and voices? and brass as well actually haha it sounds awesome. You've touched up the strings really well. Nice one :)

  • thanks man. Well for flutes I used Hollywoodwinds from Cinesamples. For voices I used EWQL Symphonic Choirs and the brass is Hollywood Brass from East West. The Strings come mainly from Orchestral and Chamber Strings from VSL and Hollywood String from EW. Since this is a VSL forum, I want to say that I cant find myself now not using VSL Chamber Strings, they are so cool, detailed, and warm that is my fav string library now... :) Looking forward the extended version now. rgds

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