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  • My first theme made with Vienna

    Well, not the first exactly, I used the clarinet Eb before, but here I se the clarinet + Chamber Strings I + other libraries from other companies. This is what I achieved: what do you think? regards! Ricardo

  • Hi there ! Wow, I rarely take the time to listen to other people's stuff now that I'm deep into composition. I realize that I should listen more. This was a fun listening !! It's great to hear how other composers are doing. I don't know if there is a particular place in the forum for the users to share and comment on everybody's work. (If there isn't, they should add it and make it fun!) Once my website / portfolio is ready I'm going to post it too. :] Great work fellow composer!

  • thanks mate for your kind words :)

  •  Very nice work. Thanks for sharing...   

  • Hi Donethur

    nice piece and arrangment, thanks for sharing :)

  • Hi Donethur,

    I also enjoyed the theme. I like the clarinet and violin lines and also how they sit together very comfortably for the final part of the theme. I'm not sure if it is just my ears but there is a lot of reverb which for me pushes the music back a little too much however this may well be by design. Either way, I enjoyed what you have created and thanks you for sharing also.


  • Hi Tom. You are totally right about the reverb. This is the thing (and what I learned), EWQL Symphonic Orchestra comes with reverb per default and Vienna do not, so I put EWQL Spaces to Vienna strings (cello, violin, bass from Chamber Strings and some SE with Orchestral Strings) and the clarinet (which also comes from Vienna), and it also has some cellos from EWQL Symphonic Orchestra that came with reverb and the EWQL Gypsy violin that also came with reverb. It sounded nice but I decided to put a reverb to the whole mix in order to make it sounding more natural, like in the same room after a feedback I received, but I think my mistake was to use only a preset instead of regulate it to achieve a nicer reverb. Now I learned that I need to be very careful when I am mixing Vienna with EW. BTW I really have to say that after working with Chamber Strings IMO it is the best string library I have had in my life, I totally love this! I am looking forward to buy the extension. :)

  • thank you all for your comments! :)

  • Hi Ricardo,  Just listened to your piece.  Very nice.  Two possible suggestions, if you're going to continue working on it.

    1)  The eighth note string pattern seems quite dominant from beginning to end.  Perhaps a bit more rhythmic variation in that part would create interesting changes in texture.  2)  The ending's a bit abrupt.  There might be room to build up to a larger ending section.  But very listenable as it is.  Good work and good luck with VSL!       Best,   Another Tom

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