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  • Mix and Match DVD and SE by instrument group?

    In an ideal situation, I'd like to buy Solo Strings 1 (std + ext), Chamber Strings 1 (std + ext), Appassionata Strings bundle, and augment these with SE Plus downloads for Winds, Brass and Percussion. Is this possible without purchasing the basic SE DVD as a base for the downloads? Thanks

  •  SE and SE Plus are separate libraries.  But, if you don't mind my asking, are you sure you want to do that?  Getting downloads for brass/winds, etc. and buying string DVD's could work great, but, the most important SE articulations are in SE standard/extended, not the Plus libraries.  Plus adds some additional important articulations not in SE standard, but Plus is absolutely an add on, not the core base.

  • Thanks, must aay I'm exhausted from trying to work through all of this. In the end, I will probably just be financially patient and buy VE Pro/Epic and one DVD library at a time. Maybe I'm kidding myself but after listening so hard to all the demos, even though the full SE set sounds great, I swear I can already hear the difference with the full libraries.

  • Especially for the various string libraries, if you are able, try to save enough to purchase bundles, particularly if you have a need for sordinos.  If muted articulations are not something you would need, the bundles may not be as important (except for the orchestra strings bundle which is divided between violin and viola/cello and bass, rather than regular/mutes).  The bundles will save you considerable money, as opposed to buying the corresponding libraries separately.

  • Thanks, I think full DVD sets for Solo, Chamber and Appassionata (not so interested in Orchestral) plus full SE downloads for WW, Brass and Percussion might work well. I may even go with Dimension Brass instead of the SE Brass set.