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  • Lost my ViennaKey, bought a new one, need the software activation code, can't find it.

    Hello all, I lost my ViennaKey earlier in the summer (very stupid of me... I know), so I bought a new one. I've registered the new key, but I need the library's activation code so I can move the license to this new key. I deleted the email which contained the activation code from when I first installed the library (VSL - Special Edition). I've sent an email to the VSL support asking if they can resend it/send a new one, but is there anywhere on here where I can see it that I might have missed? Or is there just an entirely easier way to get round this general situation I've gotten myself into? Nick

  • Yeah! It's very simple. Just read this:

    And this:

  • Lost the key = lost the licenses

    You can try to purchase new licenses at a "discounted" price. Usually what you are proposed to buy back your licenses for around 50% of the original price. Alternatively you can try to propose to buy (loads of) new products and VSL might agree to give you new licenses for your old products.