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  • What freebie?

    What's the most articulate mid-low wind instrument? I need a freebee after purchsing Imperial. No strings are available, and I have the French horn and piccolo. Plus Dim brass and the SEE+ of course.

    My goal is to ask what is very articulate in the mid-lower wind range? Fast hopefully and articulate.


    For $80-$150 it is nice to have one solo brass instrument, no?

  • I would take either cor anglais or bass clarinet (goes much deeper then cor anglais, but is still very agile even in the deepest register). If you are looking for something a bit more exotic - why not heckelphone? ;-)

    You are asking for wood, right?

  • I THINK I'm asking for a wood. But there's also one instrument Horst is famous for, but I can't remember what it is. Not articulate, but beautiful:)

    I don't have enough on the top end for wind articulations, just the piccolo (plus SEE+), so maybe the bass clarinet is it. I know I do love the sound of it, and very versatile:)

    What's the difference, sonically, between the BC and Heckelphone? I'll go see!

  • Did/done/do that. :) I guess it's a question of preferennce. I like all the VSL stuff. My bank hates me, but that's OK:)

    I choose the Kenny G instrument, ie soprano sax standard. Very beautiful! Not in my SEE+ at all so a good buy:) And I cal make the piccolo and soprano sax duel it out. The piccolo will win:)


  • I'm enjoying the bass clarinet a lot. it has a fantastic high range and a decent articulations set... for a lot of articulation it's hard to beat the flugelhorn, and it's real expressive

  • I like both instruments, but I 'hear' in higher registers (blame Steve Vai lol). It's actually an issue, my ears, hearing differently than many people. I've learned that anything I like needs to come down at least one octave, maybe two, to suit people.

    Blame it on being a red head (doctors treat us differently) and left handed, and having ADHD. I'm a weirdo!

    I moved my SEE+ Bosendorfer tracks to the Imperial, what a difference. The Imperial is incredibly expressive. I need to re-write my velocities entirely to make up for the fact that I'm not just banging on keys now!

  • I just shared a piece that uses a real edgy synth in a piccolo flute role and some people seemed to think it was a problem of some kind. I still hear highs at 55, I'm luxuriating in overtones and resonance I think some people have a cut off filter for.