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  • The Undecided Trumpeter

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    Hi Everyone,

    Here's a piece written using all VSL instrumentation. The C trumpet download (standard and extended), the full Appassionata library, VSL standard percussion and the Vienna Imperial piano. Enjoy!

    The Undecided Trumpeter


  • What  a wonderful piece Corte! You know, you wonder sometimes what it takes to get people to comment, maybe because of the latest obsession or fad with a type of brass or string sound, who knows and who cares! Anyway, The composition is really enjoyable, nice writing. The best part of this track is how well you programmed the trumpet. From time to time I'd like to hear it a bit less in tune, like rising more to the note, and in the tango section it might benefit a bit from more expression, but it still sounds good. :)

    As for the orchestra part, I thought it sounded a bit boxed, try to open up more the sound. I'd like to hear the sound coming more from both ends of the speakers or get more that impression, play with the panning and try to separate some of the strings, you want to give the illusion of a wide sound with some depth.  Maybe more contrasts with rev? You may have to experiment a bit on that aspect.

    Great work!

  • Thanks, Guy! Your comments are most welcome and give me some ideas for reworking and improving the piece.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen.

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