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  • Rhapsodic Episodes (Orchestral demo) + Original Piano Score

    This is an orchestral demo, in rhapsodic style, traveling through different VSL instruments.

    [url=]Rhapsodic Episodes[/url]

    This is the original piano score, it starts at 1:21 in the orchestrated version, I seem to have accidentally deleted the opening section. 

    At 2:53 - 3:13 (piano version) this section I repeated twice in the orchestrated version, first time with WW and 2nd time with strings.

     From 4:08 to 5:01 (piano version), this section has been omitted in the orchestrated version.

    [url=]Original piano score[/url]

    Comments are welcomed,


  • Guy,

    Every time I hear one of your demos, I feel like just giving up and finding a job at the post office.

    These are great demos, and while your use of samples is as good as always, it is your compositional skills that really shine here!

    Great work!


  • Thank you Corte!

    I like how you've been progressing lately.

  • Dear Guy,

    I know that I'm a bit late, but I just found the time to listen to Rhapsodic Episodes thoroughly. Marvellous writing, incredible programming. The piece has more colors than a rainbow, but still everything has its reason. Unbelievable. Congratulations!

    My only suggestion would be to re-work the spatial integration of the far-left  and -right string sections a bit. At least on my speakers, they seem to sit from on a different, seperated stage. The reverb they produce is much less "flourishing" and envelopping than e.g. the one coming from the woodwinds.

    Apart form that small complaint I'm just rapt away. :-)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Guy,

    you should be among the most wanted and respected film/TV composers working today. Are you? If not, how come?

    This is probably the best original piece of orchestral film music I have encountered on this (and not only this) pages. The production quality is also miles above average, even if the overall spatial disposition still has some room for improvement.

    But that is, as they say in Germany, Gejammer auf hohem Niveau (a very high-level complaint ;-)

  • Thanks guys, such constructive comments!! You guys are laying it on a bit thick though, I'm not sure if my hats will fit me anymore! 

    As soon as I get a chance I'd like to do a new mix, however, Mir Pro, just around the corner, will be quite helpful in that regard.

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