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  • VII vs VII Pro

    I just recently purchased the String SE. I'm comparing Vienna Instruments with the Pro version. I have this fast violin passage at 144 bmp. Quarter note, 16ths, some slurred, some staccato. Using the pref leg patch together with the legato patch in the non-pro version works real well, the passage sounds crisp, like it should. When I switch to pro, the passage sounds like it's played by a some musicians who spent too much time at the pub before coming to work. On another note, I have a cello passage of 16ths, also some slurred, some staccato. Nothing I use can make this sound good. Again, a bunch of drunks. Even making the whole passage legato sounds horrible. Doesn't matter if I use pro or not. I tried the pref legato and legato patches. Just won't come out legato. I'm using Logic 9.3 on a 8 core Mac Pro with 24 gig memory.

  • Chances are that the settings aren't the same in both players. Please take some time to look at the Advanced tab on the Pro player and check this. It may even be something as simple as you not switching polyphonic legato off in the Pro player.


  • Located the problem. The violin pref legato patch has a very slow attack. I'm guessing this is also true on the other string patches. It has to be stacked with another patch. I had it stacked with the legato patch and it sound fine. When I converted to pro, the perf patch went in slot 1a and the legato to 1b. Moving the patch from 1b to 2a solved the problem.