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  • [SOLVED] VE Pro & Logic - no longer remembering after shutdown?

    I have a Mac pro as a slave connected via ethernet to my workstation Mac Pro. VEP has several instances loaded that I've got plugged in to various tracks in Logic, all works great.  The problem is after shutting both computers down and powering down my system, upon starting up again and loading VEP, then loading projects in Logic, none of the plugins are connected to the server anymore, I have to re-assign each instance.  I remember that this wasn't the case earlier on, before either the last Logic upgrade or the last VEP upgrade.  This is a huge pain when dealing with a lot of Logic projects needing to be reassigned every time.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  • that isn't supposed to happen. I doubt VE Pro broke it with any update. Here's what I would do, uninstall and reinstall VE Pro and/or trash the preferences and trash/rebuild your Logic preferences.

  • Ya, I've already tried that, no dice.  Also tried turning off Airport, no dice there either.

  • Are you using fixed IP addresses on your network?

  • As far as I can tell, yes.  2 Mac Pros with a NetGear switch between them, no DSL modem in the mix.

    The only thing that's changed is that I moved my setup and re-connected everything and perhaps somehow a different IP address was assigned? Not sure what the old one was. The server window in Logic on the workstation shows the same address for the VEP instances as is shown in Network Preferences on the slave.  Is there a way to reset the Network Preferences, start from scratch?

  • You should disable DHCP (automatic) addressing of your network interfaces, and setup IP addresses for each interface manually.

  • before to disable DHCP you should note all parameters

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  • yep, that's what it was.  Somehow it changed on my slave to dynamic, switched to manual, entered an IP address and I'm good to go.

    Thanks much.

  • I often run into this as well, and with a massive template it's a huge pain to have to manually reassign instances.  Is there no way VEP can "scan" the network and look for instance names rather than IP addresses?