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  • Is it possible to get just intonation tuning on the Vienna Imperial?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if this is possible - somehow? I have Vienna Ensemble Pro and Vienna Instruments Pro and Vienna Imperial of course (all up-to-date) Cheers Kevin

  • Any ideas? :)

  • it's possible quite easily. VI Pro, advanced mode, matrix tab, there is a drop down menu for intonations that includes just intonation. so it's per matrix, you can have another intonation in another matrix.

  • Hey, Thanks for the reply - but I don't think you can use Vienna Imperial within Vienna Instruments Pro? Cheers Kevin

  • Is it possible to have just intonation with the CFX using the Synchron Player? I didn't see any mention of this in the Synchron Player manual.


  • Hi, 

    Tuning scales have not been included with the Vienna Imperial, sorry to say. 

    With Synchron Pianos, you will find a new per-key tuning option in the EDIT Window, but we have not implemented scales yet (and it will take a little more time). This tuning option was implemented because some users wanted to tune 1 or 2 notes.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL