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    I have been working on this issue for some time with no repeated success. I have VE PRO Ver 4.1.8008 on each computer. Also, I have midi over LAN connected via ethernet on each computer that has been working perfect for few years. My host is a 10.6.4 OSX Quad Core Intel. Local host works perfect w VE Pro. My Slave Intel Mac 0SX 10.5.8 8core sometimes shows up as a slave. Mostly it doesn't. I have switched cabels, routhers, ethernet ports, manual DHCP, Auto, Using DHCP....still no consistent connection. The Windows 7 PC has never shown up as a slave. I have static IP address, the Win7 PC has weird dns server names f000:....something doesn't seem correct about that. I have searched endlessly via the vsl community on issues from VST instruments, static ip address, routers, cables, I don't know what else to try. If anyone has articles or similar experience I would be very THANKFUL! If anyone knows of a tech to hire in Los Angeles area, it would be appreciated. Mark