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  • PC slave CPU options

    I’m about to order a PC slave for hosting all my VSL and Kontakt stuff in VEP. My main will be a mac running Logic. I’m going to go for a 24mb ram setup since I’ll be loading from 15-20 mb worth of samples. I’m wondering which processor (and motherboard) I would need to run all that? I’m thinking that the I7-970 should do, but I’m not sure. Would I maybe need a I7-980 (or 990) to push all those samples around?

    The I7-2600 looking interesting, but the limit of 16mb ram is too little for me.

    Any info appreciated. [B]

  • FWIW, it would seem that the i970 would be enough.  My current setup is: 12 gigs ram, i930, MIR SE, and the i930 copes quiate well with that load.  My own plan will be to likely upgrade at some point.

    Some things to consider: if you can wait, new Sandy Bridge processors that can use tri and quad channel ram will probably be released the fourth quarter of this year.  The Sandy Bridge chips also use a different architecture from the older i7's, so if you go with the i970 now, you would have to buy a new mobo if you ever wanted to upgrade to a newer Sandy Bridge chip.

    I agree with you that due to the ram limitations, the current Sandy Bridge chips (i7-2600, etc.) while much faster, are not  optimal for use with large sample libraries.

  • Hi, thanks for you thoughts and info. I think I’m going to go the I7-970 route. Seems to be the best bang for the buck, and apparently it will suffice for 20gb worth of samples in VIP-VEP. [Y]