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  • 2 VEP questions before purchasing

    Hi there I"m running Pro Tools on a Mac G5 PPC dual 2.5, 8gB ram and thinking of using a PC as a slave to run soft synths. If I wanted to see & control the plugin/synth would I need to do this with separate screen, keyboard & mouse belonging to the PC or can I do it from the Mac? Can I automate parameters of the plugin e.g. LFO from Pro Tools. I wasn't clear on this from what I've read. Thanks for your help K

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    Hello K,

    You can either use a separate monitor, mouse and keyboard set or you can also use, e.g., Remote Desktop to view your PC monitor on your Mac (with a small time lag).

    Parameter automation is not available in VE PRO yet, but it will be there with the next big update expected for summer.

    You can always give it a test-run with the free demo license, available here (click "try"), all you need is a ViennaKey or a Steinberg Key to store the license on (you will need that key later on for the permanent licenses anyway).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL