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    Hi Sorry if this has been discussed. Couldn't work out how to phrase the search. Anybody running more than one slave who can fill me in as to whether you can switch between slave machines with the same configurations? I better elaborate. I have a slave Windows 7 64 / VE Pro Machine running Kontakt 4 with a sample library on a separate hard drive. The machine is max'd out and I want to upgrade it and replace it. If I set the new slave machine up with the same VEPro/Kontakt 4 drive path configuration will the master pick up the new server and run old projects I've saved? I'm taking it that the Master machine saves the information within the VST plugin when the master project is saved and then sends it to the slave server when loading. Anything I should consider before upgrading? Does it matter whether its PC or mac? thanks dan

  • You should be able to switch between machines without problems as long as the name of the VE Pro instance stays the same. Basically, if you name everything the same way on the new machine and have the same patches loaded, all projects should load fine.

    I do this daily because both my machines have the same instances of VE Pro. Depending on how much instruments I need I will load them on one single machine or spread them on both. You can mix PC and Mac, that's what I do, too.

  • Ok great thanks. That's kind of what I thought. My set up is pretty simple so renaming shouldn't be too hard. The name of the VE Pro instance I guess refers to the slave computer/server name? So the instruments you've loaded on one machine could in theory be loaded again on a different machine set-up the same?

  • Exactly :)

    It always worked for me this way.