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  • a minor but annoying bug in VI Pro

    In VI Pro, when editing the Matrix Control points (using CC) on the Advanced page, there is no indication to the actual value (just a position marker), but on the Basic page, there is a numeric display (when hovering over the marker), but the bug is, if you set it in the Basic view so as you can set it accurately, the when you go back to Advanced view the display is wrong (it is still at the position before going to the basic view), as the new value hasn't changed until you hover the mouse over the matrix control, and then it jumps to the set position.

    The obvious solution I would hope for, is to have the numeric value display show on the advanced view (like it does in basic view), but the basic view settings not updating the advanced view settings is a bug.

  • Hello Andy, 

    Thanks for  reporting. We will look into it.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL