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  • VSL Online-Course at Audiocaton Academy

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    Audiocation Academy has started its new Online-Course devoted exclusively to the Vienna Symphonic Library. This first of the two courses dedicated to the VSL concentrates on the following topics:

    a) acquiring techniques for producing musical and realistic sounding instrumental parts with the VSL

    b) working with the Vienna Suite to optimize the sound of the individual instrumental tracks

    The second course (in preparation) will concentrate on the following:

    a) mixing VSL-tracks and processing mixes using Vienna Suite

    b) why, when and how to use Vienna Instruments Pro

    c) creating spatial setups with VSL Convolution Reverb and Vienna MIR

    VSL production examples made by the course tutor (that would be me 😉 can be heard at:

    Further information about the course can be found at (in German)

    and (in English)

    At the moment, the course is only available in German. Those interested in course being given in English can send me a mail if they wish to be notified about the start of the course at .

    With best wishes,


  • Congratulations Goran, how've you been? I just wanted to wish you the best with this endeavour.

  • Hi Errikos, I've been well, thank you. Yourself?

    Do give me a notice when you have one of your demo pieces finished ;-)

  • interesting for me, thanks

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    @burr said:

    interesting for me, thanks

    Happy to help... 😊