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  • New here

    hello, I am new here, and I am german so my english is not verry well. So I want to try out this software, I became an activate code and an email. I have downloaded that lizens thing and now it wants some eLizenser or something like that. It should be a stick. Where I can become a stick like that? I just want to try out the demo, becouse it looks really pretty and if I can build something with that I would even bye it later. So tell me, how to get the stick? Any coasts? Thanks

  •  You need to get an eLicenser dongle, which is either called a Steinberg Key or a Vienna Key.

    Which product do you want to try a demo of? There are no demos of Vienna Instruments; only the software, of which the only one that would be any use to you would be Vienna Ensemble Pro.


  • look for something called VSL Exploration available via [the distributor] Best Service.

  • Yeah I want the Vienna ensemble pro and where can I get that Vienna Key?

  • In Google, search for Vienna key. If you are in Europe, you can a.o. order it there :

  • Ou it coasts 30 Dollars. No other way to try out the demo?

  • Hi,

    you can also use a Steinberg or Arturia Key, if you like, it´s the same system. But you need  an eLicenser USB key to store your demo license on. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL