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  • Latency and low performance

    Hello! I have 2 computers and try to use VEPRO in demo mode. All work fine, if I use VEPRO in standalone mode, but if I use server - there is very big and unusable latency buffer must to be set - more than 1024... What is wrong? What I need? more Ram? more processing power? or hard drives inside, connected by sata? Or more, than 2 computers? Sequencer - Cubase 6. I want to use EWQLSO XP PRO in KONTAKT 4.1.3. from 13 to 25 instances of VEPRO, each instance include 1 Kontakt, loaded 5-10 instruments, 3 stereo pairs outs for different microphone positions.(I has tryed one stereo outs - not helped) 1) iMac Intel dual core extreme 2.8 6gb ram, OsX 10.6.6, Strings samples on external drive (7200rps, connected by FW800), percussion samples on another drive (5400rps, USB2) 2) Mac Book, 3gb ram, OsX 10.6.6, SSD 128 gb Kingston inside, Brass and Woodwinds on this drive. 1Gbit connection by one ethernet cord. Audio interface - Apogee Duet. I has tryed 2 case - to use as main computer vith sequencer iMac or iBook - result is same. If I use VEPRO as server by ethernet, overall performance and latency no good for me. If I use standalone - all souds good, but I want server mode for mixdown posibility inside Cubase... Thank you for any advice! Best regards, Vadim

  • Are you actually connecting over the hardware ethernet cable? Many users make the mistake to connect over airport, even though a physical network is in place. Try to disable your airports on both machines.

  • yes, airport is off, Network utility show 1Gbit connection speed

  • I guess you are using the Macbook as a slave. What is the CPU load of your Macbook when your problems occur? Remember that Macbook is a 4 year old computer, and will not be able to handle a very high load at all.

  • Yes, I use book as slave. I find, that Apogee Duet has introduce clicks and lags (in other projects, for record/play it work fine) Also I make one instance on each computer. Also I disabled multyprocessor support in Cubase and Kontakt and all work good with 256 buffer (built in sound).