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  • Mono outputs in Vienna Ensemble Pro

    I use XLN's Addictive Drums, which have a multi-output format made up of both stereo and mono outputs. Yet as far as I can tell VEP only supports stereo outs right now. Is this correct? If so, then I'd like to request a new feature in a future upgrade allowing both mono & stereo outputs. If it already exists, how do I do it?

  • Hello shieroz,

    you are right, only stereo outs are supported right now. Mono outputs are on our to-do list, so hopefully we can add this feature soon.

    Thanks for your patience,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Yes! Mono outputs is a must!  Have to do big workarounds.

  • High on my wishlist as well.

  • +1 here

    This same issue exists with BFD2.

  • Just started using BFD2 in VEP. What workaround are you using to get the individual drums out of mono outputs. I get all of the stereo stuff. Thx

  • +1 Surprised such a basic and needed feature hasn't been implemented yet. This and the lack of side-chain capability are the two reasons I didn't buy VE Pro after trying it out.

  • HI So ... three years on from the first post on this thread and still no mono channels. Surely this is not a huge modification!! It's important. Mono sends from plugins that provide the capability cannot just be power panned either in VE Pro or the attached DAW. Not to mention the impossibility of setting up busses in VE Pro pre fader if you have a mono output that comes into a VE Pro stereo channel as hard panned to the left. Effectively this removes/limits the availability of sends from those plugins that provide mono and stereo outs by having to use the limited number of stereo outs for mono signals. Ve Pro provides so many solutions for me and VSL produces great products but this is an irritating PITA that ought to have been sorted out by now. Cheers Paul

  • I'll start by saying appreciatively that VEP5 has been a game changer for me, and I love it.


    But I'm really suprised that FIVE years since Paul from VSL told us Mono outs were on the To Do list, it still hasn't been added.  It would be so great to use VSL with BFD, Addictive and Slate Drums without all the workarounds. Not to mention any bass tracks that are best kept mono.  Any chance it's still being considered?

  • adding my voice...just began using vep in digital performer, and within it i'm using slate drums, would be so great to have mono outputs.

  • Any updates on this?  Seems like a waste of bandwidth if I'm doing all my panning and reverb in my DAW.

  • +1

    For the same reasons aforementioned I wonder why it's not possible.

    In my DAW (cubase 7), If a create a mono group or a mono audio track to print the signal from a VEP stereo aux, the level of the source is then halved..

  • +100... Essential for Drum soft like BFD or other's

  • +1.

    Still the case in VEP6, it seems.

  • +1000 - I want mono outputs more than any other new feature :)

  • +1000 ! it's such a basic feature in every daw till a long time, so why it's so hard to do this in VEP ?

  • I luv VEP, but really!? 5 years and we'er still begging for such an important feature?

  • I've been asking for mono outs for years - I think it was available in Version 2 or 3 last. I have to put the same plugin in the snare top as the snare bottom (SSD & Superior drummer) really stinks!

  • So Paul what's your answer for this ?

  • I use Addictive Drums 2 as well. I dont see that it is a big deal. Sure, mono would be nice, but once you setup your project template it is not a big deal. I suspect it is a bigger undertaking for development, and brings minimal value. I'd say the team has much bigger fish to fry than mono outputs. I don't think it warrants drilling Paul over it.