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  • Cubase 6 on OS X - VE Pro 64-bit VST broken

    I know this is early, but I just got Cubase 6 for the Mac and test drove running Cubase 6 in 64-bit mode. VE Pro shows up twice in the VST instruments list, but neither result in a plug-in GUI, just a bunch of parameters.

    Works perfectly fine (so far) in 32-bit Cubase as per usual.

    I assume fixes are in the works for the 64-bit VST/VST3 on the Mac?

    (latest VE Pro build 7644)

  • Currently 64-bit VST2/VST3 is unsupported on OS X. The plugins work, but they have no GUI. This is being worked on indeed.

  • Excellent! Can always count on you guys :)

  • Hi, Orchetect.

    I just got CB6 a couple of days ago, and I see the same thing.  HOWEVER, when I start VE Pro, then CB6 64bit, then load something I worked on, or setup with CB 5.5.2 (using VE Pro 64bit),  VE Pro looks and acts it should.  I used VI Pro in VE Pro, and all those instruments show the GUI fine, too.  It's just when I try to setup it up in CB6 64bit from 'scratch' that things aren't working properly.

    I tried this with VI Pro, too, but it doesn't seem to work (GUI) at all with CB6 64bit.  It plays any instruments loaded, but no GUI.

  • @dayadon: Projects previously saved load and operate well in C6 64-bit, except the VE plugs in Cubase don't show their GUI. We might have got our wires crossed. I'm talking about the 64-bit VST component - the one used with C6 64-bit. That has nothing to do with connecting to 32 or 64 bit server instances. You may have to explain precisely what you're talking about.

    @Karel: any indication of when we can expect a fixed VST 64 for OSX? Days? Weeks? It will make a big difference for me immediately as I am making decisions about how to modify my template now before a large project starts.