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  • VEP session profile

     I have a profile built to load DVZ Strings. The load process works, but just never seems to complete. I always have to purge and reload most of the sample libraries. I realize they're a competitor, but would it be possible to make a VEP program change that would allow the profile to complete loading?

  •  I never received a reply from anyone at Vienna, so I'm not sure what if anything is being done on this. You advertise that if I just open a metaframe file, then go have coffee and return, all of my instruments will be loaded and waiting. What I'm telling you is that is most certainly not the case here. Everytime I open a metaframe, I have to go back in each instrument instance, purge all the samples and reload.

    Are you aware of the problem?

    Is there anything being done to create and issue a program fix?

  • I've never heard about or seen this problem, so I think you'll need to email support with details of your system, including hardware, OS, 32/64 bit server, and anything else that can help to re-create your problem. i would also suggest sending your Metaframe file so that those in the know can analyze it to see if it is corrupted.


  • I seem to remember reading that DVZ runs in Kontakt now, so it's possible that your problem could be related to Kontakt's background loading. Go to Kontakt's options and make sure 'Load samples in background' is NOT ticked - see if that solves the problem.


  •  I unchecked the option as you suggested and that fixed the problem. Thanks for the assistance.

  • No problem - happy to help!

  • Good to know - I don't own DVZ but I've been considering purchasing it. I'd want to know if there are any significant roadblocks because I depend on VE Pro!

  •  Just glancing at your setup, I'd say you'd have no problem at all.