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  • Running VEPro in 64bit mode...

    Do I have do boot my MacPro (OSX Snow Leopard) in 64bit mode to take advantage of running the 64bit version of VEPro? By default, Snow Leopard boots in 32bit mode and I'm trying to understand just how everything runs in both modes.

    btw, I running DP7 which is not 64bit as of yet...not sure how this would affect DP7 if if do have to boot in 64bit mode.

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Short answer is: you can't "boot" in 64-bit mode and you don't want to. The normal 32-bit Snow Leopard is perfectly capable of running 64-bit applications. The 64-bit booting will only come years from now when all your software is 64-bit capable. Currently DP is a 32-bit program, as are a lot of other software and plug-ins you are probably using. You can run both 32-bit and 64-bit VE Pro servers at once, and load/connect to instances of both from DP. You don't need to change the operating system.

  • That's what I needed to know...thanks! After doing a bit of digging, I also found the answer of being able to run 64 bit in OSX 32 bit mode. I'll certainly be glad when DP7 goes 64 bit. 

    Thanks again for the reply!